This survey is now closed, and assessment is being made on the feasibility of all community identified priorities.

To assist with the transition of Jabiru to an Indigenous-led tourism and government service centre for Kakadu National Park and the West Arnhem region, Rio Tinto has established a fund with the purpose of restoring and maintaining social support and infrastructure in Jabiru.

The NT Government has commissioned Jabiru Kabolkmakmen to engage with the community to identify local social support and infrastructure needs in order to consider the direction of these funds. It is anticipated that up to $3M will be allocated to identified priorities for the whole of community. 

Input via this survey is important to allow the NT Government and other local stakeholders understand the needs and future aspirations of the residents of Jabiru and surrounding homelands.

Ideas can range from small-scale projects such as an all-access playground, to large-scale projects such as a community sports and recreation centre. 

Not all ideas will be successful at this time, but all ideas will be recorded in a maintained list of identified priorities to inform future investment decisions and other grant opportunities. 

Process for community feedback