As part of JKL’s role in creating a contemporary ‘front door’ experience for businesses, visitors and investors coming to Jabiru, JKL are upgrading our Future of Jabiru Display Space that showcases the Mirarr vision, timeline and progress against the Jabiru Masterplan. As a pre-cursor to the new display space JKL has commissioned two murals to refresh the external facades of our offices in the Jabiru Plaza. Muralist Ellie Hannon, having worked on the murals at Marrawuddi and the Jabiru Pool, has come back for another cross-cultural collaboration with JKL employee and local Bininj artist, Selone Djandjomerr. Selone's bold designs feature local scenes from Kakadu including.  


kingas (salt water crocodile) at the billabong trying to eat kuluban (flying fox), and


karnamarr (black cockatoo) gathering under a man-morlak (Kakadu plum tree).

"These designs were big inspiration for me. I never done two murals in three days. I put the feelings of my family into these two designs. I want visitors when they come to Jabiru to feel comfortable. When they see these stories about being out in the billabong where little things turn into big things, I want them to feel like they're a part of it. I want them to know I grew up here and feel great living in Jabiru with all my family members all looking after each other and supporting each other," said Bininj artist Selone Djandjomerr about his work on the murals. 

The refresh of the display space in the heart of the Jabiru Plaza will enable us to better utilise and activate the area, said Kelly Ralston, CEO of JKL.

"People visiting the plaza are hungry for information about the future of Jabiru. We want to create a space where visitors can engage with the spirit of the region and leave with a sense of optimism about its future." 

JKL will provide updates on this as the work progresses and would welcome the opportunity to talk with all businesses operating from the Plaza to hear your thoughts about the Display Space and how we might enhance the experience for businesses and visitors more broadly.