On behalf of the Board of Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Ltd, I announce that we have received the resignation of our CEO, Marinella Faggion.

Marinella first became involved in Jabiru in 2018 to work on the Jabiru Masterplan. Her early work was instrumental in the formation of Jabiru Kabolkmakmen and she has played a pivotal role in the establishment of the organisation as a key stakeholder in the town supporting the implementation of the Jabiru Masterplan.

Marinella has been a key member of the Jabiru Kabolkmakmen management team since the company’s inception. First serving as Project Manager (Leasing), Marinella next took on the role of COO and was then appointed CEO in September 2019, taking over from Stefan Hladenki. Having lived In Jabiru since 2018, she is well known within the community and has proudly advocated for an Indigenous led future for the town.

Marinella has created a strong team around her and worked tirelessly to put in place the foundations for the transition of Jabiru from a mining town to an Aboriginal led tourism and services town.

Her many achievements in the last 12 months include growing the JKL team from 5 to 15 employees, negotiated arrangements with multiple stakeholders to secure the foundations for JKL’s long term future as the New Housing Entity, and initiated the early work to progress the Bininj Kunwork Centre, the Bininj Resource Centre and the recent Indigenous Cultural Rights Project being progressed by JKL.

Marinella has decided to resign in order  to spend more time with her young family.

I wish to thank Marinella for her dedicated service and pay tribute to the outstanding progress made to date. Marinella will continue in the CEO role until the end of January 2022. I am grateful Marinella has agreed to continue working with JKL beyond January in a consulting capacity where she will continue to provide her expertise to us and work on selected projects.

I wish Marinella well with this next phase. Recruitment for a replacement will start Immediately. 

Andy Lloyd

Chair Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Ltd