Developing the sub-lease allocation plan

The Sub-Lease Allocation Plan is a formal process to allocate future sub-leases in accordance with the Jabiru Masterplan and the new town ‘footprint’. JKL is working closely with GAC, JTDA and the EDTL to undertake this process.

Once a sub-lease is allocated, it is expected that a future sub-lease will then be the subject of an offer from the EDTL to the prospective sub-lessee as identified in the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan upon execution of the new township lease.

While the EDTL cannot guarantee any offers of sub-leases prior to the commencement of the 19A lease, JKL is working closely with the GAC and the EDTL to achieve in-principle agreement for the allocation of sub-leases.

Businesses should complete an Allocation Request Form to ensure that allocation requests are reviewed as part of the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan as early as possible.

Link to Allocation Request Form