Supporting the resolution of current lease arrangements

Jabiru Kabolkmakmen is providing support for the coordination of remediation assessments that will occur in Jabiru for the remainder of 2019.

Under current town lease arrangements, all current sub-lease holders are required to undertake rehabilitation works prior to expiry of sub-leases on or before 30 June 2021. This requirement applies to all residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructure sub-leases in Jabiru.

To better understand rehabilitation works, assessments of all town infrastructure are required.

The Commonwealth Director of National Parks, as the current lessor, and the JTDA as the current lessee under the town Headlease, have approved comprehensive assessments on all lots located on the Jabiru Headlease area. These assessments will include structural, electrical, hydraulic, ecological, hazardous building materials (including asbestos) and mould inspections. These assessments will determine whether all requirements under current lease arrangements have been duly performed and will provide a report about the condition of all buildings, structures, infrastructure or other improvement in, on or over each lot.

These assessments are anticipated to be undertaken between October and December 2019. Some priority assessments will commence mid-September 2019.

Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Limited will liaise with the service provider(s), the housing managers, and where required, residents, to schedule assessments in the most efficient way possible. Upon scheduling of any required entry date(s) residents will be provided with the appropriate notifications.

The service provider(s) will require unencumbered access to all internal and external areas of residences for the purposes of these assessments. Upon completion of these assessments, the MoU Parties in conjunction with Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Limited will work to develop a clear outline of the precise rehabilitation requirement applicable to all sub-lessees in Jabiru.