Housing frequently asked questions

This information is related to detailed information for housing and sub-leases. Please refer to the full set of FAQs here for detailed information regarding the current township lease arrangements and its expiry, the planned Section 19A township lease and the Executive Director of Township Leasing and the Jabiru Masterplan.

Where can I find out more information about housing in Jabiru?

Jabiru Kabolkmakmen has an office in Jabiru Plaza where residents and other interested parties can visit and discuss information about housing and sub-leases. Jabiru Kabolkmakmen are available to assist residents and businesses throughout the transition of the town for all queries relating to housing and business leases in Jabiru.

Why is the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan necessary?

JKL requires reliable information about current occupancy and usage of sub-leases and housing from all interested parties to ensure planning considers all potential investors and occupants.

Additionally, JKL requires reliable information about proposed occupancy of sub-leases and housing from all interested parties in Jabiru. This is from 2018 through to 2028 at which time rehabilitation works will be completed and ERA will have substantially exited the town.

How do I ensure my request is included in the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan?

To submit a request please complete an Allocation Request Form and send it to Jabiru Kabolkmakmen. To discuss your request please contact Jabiru Kabolkmakmen directly.

What is the purpose of the Allocation Request Form?

The form allows current and future residents, sub-lease holders and business operators to submit a request for housing and business premise requirements for short, medium and long term projections. This request will be reviewed in accordance with the Jabiru Masterplan and leasing access criteria under new tenure arrangements.

Can I rent a house?

If you are looking for rental housing now or enquiring about rental housing options for the future please contact Jabiru Kabolkmakmen to discuss your enquiry.

Can I keep my house?

The planning for the future of Jabiru supports residents who want to continue living and working in Jabiru in the future. Jabiru will continue to be an industry-based town where housing is linked to employment. Please contact your employer or JKL to discuss your specific arrangements.

I have a business plan for a new business in Jabiru. How do I apply for a lease or a house?

If you wish to enquire about options or secure certainty of tenure and housing for your business plan into the future, then you should submit an Allocation Request Form along with your business proposal. It is recommended that you make an appointment to speak to the Leasing Project Manager at Jabiru Kabolkmakmen to discuss your requirements and ensure that your allocation request is reviewed as part of the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan as early as possible.

I don’t have a business plan, but want to explore options. Will there be future business or employment opportunities in Jabiru?

Interested residents, investors and businesses are encouraged to make direct contact with Jabiru Kabolkmakmen to discuss emerging opportunities, specific projects or proposals and available support.

Are there any vacant houses in Jabiru?

No. There are currently no vacant houses in Jabiru. It is anticipated that some housing will become available in early 2021. The allocation of housing that becomes available will be guided by the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan. If you would like to submit a request for future housing please complete the Allocation Request Form and contact Jabiru Kabolkmakmen.

What will happen to houses when ERA ceases mining operations?

Any houses that will become available upon cessation of ERA mining operations will be allocated in accordance with the Sub-Lease Allocation Plan. At this stage, it appears there will be sufficient numbers of houses and dwellings to meet the forecast demand of businesses and residents wishing to remain in the town as part of the Jabiru Masterplan. This includes existing organisations, new organisations, and community and social services.

Will my house be demolished?

Housing will be demolished where it is beyond economic repair.

There are no finalised plans to remove housing to make way for redevelopment works. Some housing may be demolished to make way for redevelopment works. However, redevelopment plans have not yet been finalised.

What is the cost of leasing and housing under new arrangements?

Sub-Lease Costs

As a general principle, there will be a cost to acquire a new sub-lease and the EDTL will charge an annual sub-lease fee. This will be in addition to any rates or other outgoings. The cost and charges levied by the EDTL have not yet been determined.

Housing costs

Jabiru Kabolkmakmen recognises that the availability of affordable and suitable accommodation for businesses in regional areas is critical to economic diversification and business viability. Information on the cost of housing under future lease arrangements is not yet available. It is anticipated this information will be available early 2020.

Can I buy property (house) in Jabiru?

No. Native Title over Jabiru was granted in 2018 and there is a clear pathway for Jabiru to become Aboriginal land (refer to the full set of FAQs). Access to housing will be through business and employment.