Supporting the transition

Jabiru Kabolkmakmen has been set up with a key priority to support the transition of ownership, leasing and maintenance of housing, business premises and other infrastructure from current town leasing arrangements to new township leasing arrangements. Jabiru Kabolkmakmen is the central point of contact for all matters related to housing and business leases and you can contact us to discuss all housing and leasing enquiries.

Phone: (08) 8979 3203

Jabiru Kabolkmakmen has worked with the Jabiru Town Development Authority (JTDA), Northern Territory Government, the Executive Director of Township Leasing and Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation to support ongoing access to housing. Work underway includes:

  1. Understanding current and future demand for housing by maintaining a database of all immediate (short-term), transitional and ongoing housing and business interests in Jabiru.

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  2. Supporting the resolution of current lease arrangements including coordination of remediation assessments.

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  3. Working with GAC and the EDTL to establish fair and consistent access criteria from which to process all applications for housing and business requests.

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  4. Developing the Sub-lease Allocation Plan to allocate sub-leases (residential, industrial, commercial and retail) guided in accordance with access criteria for future leasing arrangements.

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Housing frequently asked questions

Please read the Housing Frequently Asked Questions prior to submitting an application form.

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Apply for housing

Applicants can apply for housing by filling out the Allocation Request Form. This form is available from the link below or by contacting Jabiru Kabolkmakmen on (08) 8979 3203.

We recommend you download the forms prior to completing it as some web browsers may block certain functions of the form.

Allocation Request Form