31 July – official opening
Official opening Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Office in Jabiru

30 August to 1 September – Mahbilill festival
An annual festival celebrating music, dance, bushfoods, art, workshops and culture in Jabiru
Visit mahbililfestival.com for more information.

26 September – Tourism Masterplan community consultation for Jabiru/Kakadu residents
Consultations led by PwC Indigenous Consulting to develop the draft Tourism Masterplan for Jabiru/Kakadu residents.
5:30 pm – 7pm Drop-in to the Jim Jim Room Crocodile Hotel Jabiru *No registration needed.

14 August – Historic MoU Signing
The four MoU parties committed to their role in the future of Jabiru and to growing the town as a regional services and tourism hub for Kakadu National Park and the West Arnhem region.